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Sarah Munnings Jewellery

Three rings

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A delicate ring forged in sterling silver, rose gold and gold.

Known as Russian wedding bands these slide on your finger rolling over each other to rest lightly at the end of your finger. Created in Rose Gold, 9ct Yellow Gold and Sterling silver the colours complement each other beautifully.

Each ring is 1.5mm wide max width.

To help with sizing rings there are two options, 1 you already know your ring size (or the person you are buying for) and you email me which size you want your ring made in-and if you forget I will get in touch to find out.

2. If you have no idea what size you need choose option 2 and I will pop a ring sizer in the post / send you info on how to measure your ring size using a ring that fits and a nifty app available on android and iphones.

Created in sterling silver, 9ct Gold and Rose Gold