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Sarah Munnings Jewellery

Gold dot stacker

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A simple silver stacker featuring a recycled 9ct / Rose gold ball.

Recycled? Yes - any scraps from making other rings, or Gold that I have melted down, refined and turned into features become new jewellery.

The ring band is sterling silver, and each gold dot or ball is an organically formed shape - because Mother Nature does it best. 

To help with sizing rings there are two options, 1 you already know your ring size (or the person you are buying for) and you email me which size you want your ring made in-and if you forget I will get in touch to find out.

2. If you have no idea what size you need choose option 2 and I will pop a ring sizer in the post / send you info on how to measure your ring size using a ring that fits and a nifty app available on android and iphones.

Created in 9ct Gold / Rose Gold