Workshop at home 2 Learn to solder Silver Ring

Workshop at home 2 Learn to solder Silver Ring

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In this workshop you will learn to solder and create your own silver ring, with notes included to cover how to achieve a textured finish on your ring. 

In your box you will receive:

  • Sterling silver wire
  • Silver solder
  • Flux
  • Citric acid
  • Aluminium wire to measure ring size
  • Full instructions with images

The pictured ring is an example of a finished ring. 

You will receive full step by step instructions and the materials to make your ring. 

Please note - you will need access to the following tools. 

* Blow torch (I use a kitchen blowtorch also used for creme brûlée)
* A surface for soldering – think pizza stone / kiln brick
* Heat proof tongs
* Snips for metal (can use wire cutters, tin snips or sharp pliers)
* Files
* A wooden stick or mandrel to shape rings to your size
* A hammer or mallet
* Pliers to cut thin aluminium wire
* Old jam jar for water, flux 
* Pencil
* Citric acid
* Kettle / access to boiling water

 Kits containing essential supplies are available, as well as a selection of new and preloved tools - have a browse on this site or contact me directly: