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Instructions only - Workshop at home 1 Hammered Copper Earrings

Instructions only - Workshop at home 1 Hammered Copper Earrings

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In this workshop you will learn to texture metal and create your own unique pairs of copper earrings. Copper is a beautiful metal, it is shiny when new and ages to a dark brown - and with a teaspoon of citric acid and boiling water you can return it to shiny any time. 

The pictured earrings are an example of one of the three techniques covered in this workshop. 

You will receive full step by step instructions. 

Please note this is an instructions only item - you will need access to the following tools and materials. 

For this workshop you require:

A hammer

a hard surface to hammer on 

a pair of pliers.

Materials required: 

Copper Discs x 4

Sterling silver earring hooks 

Punch / drill for copper 


Kits containing essential supplies are available, as well as a selection of new and preloved tools. 

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