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Sarah Munnings Jewellery

Garden of the soul - Moon amulet - a gift of fertility, happiness, creativity and adoration

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I love jewellery with meaning, and this beautiful pendant has layers of symbolism - happiness, creativity, gentleness and fertility all flourish in this garden where bees hop from flower to flower spreading life. The dove hovers above in its graceful flight while the moon - symbolic of enlightenment hides these beauties.

Designed as a modern twist on a locket, this is a piece with hidden meanings.

Worn with the moon at the front you catch only a glimpse of a sunflower peeking out from the crescent of the moon. Sliding the moon aside you enter the hidden garden.

Made with brass, also available in Sterling silver.

The garden measures 30mm diameter and is available on a sterling silver chain, on a gold filled chain, or as a charm.


Moon - represents the forces of nature, and the power that the moon has over tides, rain, waters and seasons. A feminine symbol representing the cyclical nature of life.

Garden - synonymous with the soul, it also represents fertility, happiness and innocence

Bee - industrious as they fly from flower to flower, they represent diligence, purity, socialibility and my favourite - creativity.

Sunflowers - known to follow the sun light, these beautiful flowers represent loyalty, adoration, and happiness.

Dove - symbols of peace and freedom, they also represent love, devotion, grace, gentleness and purity.