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Sarah Munnings Jewellery

Forest dreaming - Moon amulet - a gift of courage, peace, protection, and strong guardianship

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I love jewellery with meaning, and this beautiful pendant has layers of symbolism -at the heart of the charm is Mumma Bear - protective and fierce but gentle with her own kind, she is a strong guardian. She rest s in the shade of the forest - divine and calm, a place of power and strength. In the night sky there are tiny stars - beacons of hope, positivity and happiness.

Designed as a modern twist on a locket, this is a piece with hidden meanings.

Worn with the moon at the front you catch only a glimpse of a stars shining in the night sky. Sliding the moon aside unveils the forest scene.

Made with Silver, also available in Brass.

The Forest measures 30mm diameter and is available on a sterling silver chain, on a gold filled chain, or as a charm.


Moon - represents the forces of nature, and the power that the moon has over tides, rain, waters and seasons. A feminine symbol representing the cyclical nature of life.

Stars - beacons of hope, shining down with posivitity and happiness - a symbol of renewal and magic - an inspiring presence.

Forest - a divine symbol of courage and endurance, emitting a calm power and strength.

Bear - Mumma bear, a strong protective force gentle with kin and protective - a strong guardianship- a creature strong but nurturing.

Viking meaning of Bears - I had to add this as they are so beautiful - the Bear represented bravery, strength, wisdom and healing - and the nurturing side of the creature.