Be A Wildflower - my story

Be A Wildflower - my story

Dec 23rd 2023 I received a call I never anticipated. A fire had been started beneath the beautiful timber building where I had set up my studio. I had breathed my heart and soul into Studio 3 in Ticker Studios and in an instant it was gone.

It would have been easy to give up, to hibernate, had it not been for the amazing community behind Sarah Munnings Jewellery. Instead of hibernating I took time to remember why I had started, and to look at where this journey would go next.

Instead of giving up, I changed direction. I leaned deeper into the world around me, rediscovered my love of nature and so Wildflower was born.

Representing journeys that have changed, devoted to finding joy in the little things, and travelling where you are taken.

I am putting down new roots in my local area, and I’m pleased to share that Notting Hill Studio will open soon with classes and workshops.

As I live my wildflower days, I am still travelling where I am taken - with classes in Mount Beauty, Phillip Island and Kyneton- as well as offering travelling classes for events and parties.

I am also preparing some amazing new collections, and have a few secret projects that will go live later in the year.

Wildflower is a story of new beginnings and the power of community.

I want to send a heart felt Thank you to every person who has reached out, commented, offered support in any way.  You have helped this small business survive.

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